Review – Evolv Cruzer Psyche
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Review – Evolv Cruzer Psyche

The Plastic Fantastic team was given our second pair of shoes about a month and a half ago – approach shoes this time! We all received a slightly different pair of Cruzers from Evolv.  I tested out the new Cruzer Psyche, which is similar to the original Cruzer, but constructed on a trail running base, with a higher heel. If you read my review of the LV Shaman you’ll know I’m pretty dedicated when it comes to reviewing gear, and I definitely put this shoe through its paces!

I wore the Psyche pretty much every time I stepped outside the past month and a half.  This included the usual climbing approaches, as well as a multi pitch day at Tahquitz, climbing Half Dome, summiting Mt. Whitney, and multiple hike and flys with my paraglider in tow.

Other than a few cosmetic scratches and small tears in the fabric, the Psyche’s held up really well to the battering I gave them and overall I’d have to say I’m pretty happy with these shoes!

The Evolv rubber is always great and I felt very comfortable taking this shoe on slab and over rocky terrain, knowing the rubber would stick. Though I wouldn’t climb anything too difficult in this shoe, as it has a rounded toe and isn’t the best at finding small foot holds, I did lead routes up to 5.10D in the Psyche and felt pretty solid.

I also really loved how cushiony and comfortable the sole was.  Although this really isn’t meant to be a trail running shoe, I actually did spend a lot of time trail running just to test it out. I also did plenty of hikes with my paragliding gear, which weighs 60 pounds all up, and in both of these circumstances you really want to feel like your foot is protected and isn’t getting bruised or stressed too much. The Psyche was really great in this respect

In addition to the sturdy rubber and thick soles, the Psyche is also extremely light, making it the perfect shoe for multi-pitch trad days where you have long approaches/descents and need a light hiking shoe to bring up the wall with you.

I think my only concern with the Psyche was its sizing.  I tried the shoe in my normal street size and found it to be a bit too large, especially width wise. My foot always felt like it was swimming inside the shoe.  I know Evolv is coming out with low volume versions of all the Cruzers in the next few months though, so I believe this issue is going to be resolved.

One other thing I would like to mention is that the Cruzer is a low cut shoe.  For me this was completely fine and I successfully hiked Whitney and Half Dome with no issue, but for anybody who prefers to have more ankle support while hiking, this probably isn’t the best shoe for you.

Other than that, I think the Cruzer Psyche is a great, reliable shoe and I would positively recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable hiking or approach shoe!

Plastic Fantastic team review at Malibu Creek State Park.
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Evolv Cruzer Psyche









  • Great sticky rubber
  • Cushioned sole
  • Light weight and flexible for portability
  • All day comfort


  • Very wide for anyone with a more narrow foot
  • Lack of ankle support for strenuous hiking