2015 – Year in Review
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2015 – Year in Review

There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning. ~ Louis L'Amour

Have you ever had one of those times in your life when everything seemed to fall apart?  That time for me, was the end of 2014.  One day, life was great, and the next, I watched everything disintegrate around me.

I found myself completely blindsided when a Murphy’s Law type string of events left me very suddenly heartbroken, homeless, jobless, and with a family in crisis.  It was, without a doubt, the worst time in my life.  Going in to 2015, I didn’t have much hope for anything besides just getting through it.

It’s funny then, to look back now and realize that 2015 ended up being one of the best years of my life, bringing me so much in terms of happiness, adventure, and fulfillment.  I’m still not exactly sure how that happened.  The beginning of the year was a blur; days and weeks and months of waking up miserable; days and weeks and months of trudging through hardship and sadness, throwing myself headfirst into anything that still made me happy, and doing everything I could to keep myself afloat financially.

I took on both a full time accounting job and a part time coaching position for a youth climbing team.  I moved onto a tiny old boat in a desperate attempt at a cheap living situation. I began training harder for my own climbing. I flew my paraglider as often as I could. I created this blog and spent every spare moment working on my manuscript, editing, and editing, and then editing again.

Over the course of the year, I worked harder than I ever have before and slowly things began to turn around.  Eventually I wasn’t just staying afloat, I was swimming along nicely.  And soon the mornings became less and less miserable, until finally, I woke up one day and realized that I was actually happy! And that life was good!

I had two great jobs, which afforded me more self sufficiency then ever before.  My old boat was becoming a cozier home than I ever imagined, as I slowly learned to sail, fix motors, install wiring, refurbish wood, and do all number of handy things I would never have tried otherwise. I had made a host of new friends through climbing and paragliding. I had seen my biggest climbing achievements to date – sending 5.13 and v8, climbing Half Dome, and summiting Mt. Whitney.  And with my blog and my manuscript, I was finally writing consistently, something I had been wanting to do for years. So many great things came out of that difficult time that it’s still hard to believe!

But maybe life is like that sometimes. It throws you into a storm, rips everything apart, and gives you no other choice but to rebuild. And with some hard work, some determination, and some good friends, maybe you can build something better than you’d ever thought possible.  Maybe you can build a new life that’s sincerely yours.

That was 2015 for me. The year when everything was finished.  And that was the beginning.

2016 is yet another new beginning.  I’ve never really been one for resolutions, so I guess I’ll just say that this year I intend to keep working as hard as I can in my career and my hobbies, while continually seeking out new adventures! I’m starting out in a much better place this year and it makes me so excited to see what the future will hold!  From where I’m standing now, it looks to be an incredible journey!

Happy New Year Everybody!

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