Review – 3rd Rocking Eden Trousers in Amber
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Review – 3rd Rocking Eden Trousers in Amber

Recently, I was invited to become a short-term Rep for UK based company, 3rd Rock Clothing. 3rd Rock is an eco-conscious active wear brand founded by a fellow climber, so I was definitely intrigued.  They use organic, up-cycled, and recycled fabrics, and patterns specifically designed for the full range of motion required in climbing and yoga.

With the advent of fast fashion and ever-changing “must have” items each season, the fashion industry has become very wasteful (estimates say Americans alone throw away 14 million tonnes of clothing each year!), so I think bringing recognition to companies that are environmentally friendly and producing high quality products is really important.  I appreciated the ethics behind 3rd Rock so I eagerly said yes!   

Though 3rd Rock offers a full range of styles and designs for both men and women, the item that really caught my attention, was the climbing trouser.  Finding pants that are warmer and more protective than a pair of leggings, but still allow me the freedom to heel hook above my head, has been a constant struggle as a climber, so I was really excited to try these out! 

After debating between colors, I finally settled on a pair of XS Eden trousers in Amber because, well, bright yellow!! Haha. Upon arrival, my initial thoughts on the trousers were all very positive. The color was just as bright and bold as I had hoped, and I also loved the thickness of the fabric, the zippered side pocket for keeping small items safe, and the stretchiness and flexibility of the cut. I had no problem hiking my legs up really high and even doing full splits while wearing the trousers.   

As noted on the website, the Eden’s run a little large and I did find that the XS size was a bit baggy on me. The wide waistband and drawstring kept things in place however, so I was still generally happy with the fit and couldn’t wait to try them on the rocks. 

My first test was sport climbing at Echo Cliffs, which also involves a decent hike and bit of scrambling.  This is one of those approaches that, without fail, will leave me pausing every few minutes to yank my pants back up, as the slope of the trail combined with the weight of my climbing pack constantly pushes them down past my hips. It can definitely be annoying, so I was quite happy that the drawstring on the Eden’s kept my pants up and in place for the entire approach. We were off to a good start! 

The rest of the day went just as well.  Though the pants tended to bunch up underneath my harness as they were too large, I was still comfortable and I liked that the zip side pocket sat well below the leg loops, facilitating easy phone access for those all important send selfies. 😉  Throughout the day, I also became very impressed with the overall performance of the Eden’s. Over the course of heel hooks, splits, drop knees, and high steps, I never once felt restricted in my movement, and I left Echo feeling like I had finally found a great pair of climbing pants!

I was actually so happy with these trousers that I wore them pretty much non-stop the next few weeks, traveling, climbing in the gym, and on a bouldering trip to Bishop.  Not only were the Eden’s great for climbing, but I liked that they were cute enough to go out to dinner with friends afterwards.  I received compliments everywhere I went.  Several people asked me where they could buy a pair (girls and guys), and there was at least one slightly uncomfortable conversation about how good my butt looked. Haha. 

Besides the large sizing, my only issue with the Edens was that they did start to get a little uncomfortable as the weather warmed. The fabric is thick and durable so it doesn’t breathe much. They aren’t the best pants for hot days, but as I had originally wanted these for colder weather, I really can’t count that against them.

So all in all, I really love the Edens and can definitely recommend them! They are cute, comfortable, made to last, and do not restrict performance at all.  If you’re on the cusp of sizes, I would suggest sizing down. If you’re much smaller than me (5’4″, 105 lbs) these might be a little too large for you though.  Otherwise, wonderful pants from a great company! 

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3rd Rock Eden Trouser









  • Eco Friendly
  • Flexible Cut
  • Durable Fabric
  • Warmth
  • Zippered Side Pocket


  • Large sizing
  • Lack of breathability